How do I become an engologist ?

Definition: A Graduate Engineer (Engologist) is someone with a technical degree in Engineering from an approved University or equivalent.

From a young age you need to be curious about life in general. Ask plenty of questions about things you see. Ask your parents. If they don’t know the answer, then ask your teacher.

When you see something technical, ask yourself how does this work.

For example;

How does a radio pick up the music and talking that is done in a TV studio?

Answer: The sound in the studio is played into a microphone. It is then changed into electronic signals. It is then sent to a Transmitter. The transmitter then sends it as an invisible beam of electronics, like a wave on the ocean, to the radio. The radio then changes these signals into sound. Television works the same way.

When you go to school and learn maths, Physics, and Chemistry you will begin to understand it better and better until you are able to design this equipment.


How to study:

One thing that is very important and that is knowing how to study. Sitting in front of your books looking at the walls is a waste of your time. When you sit down to study, switch off the Television, pick a quiet spot, and concentrate on what you are doing. If you can’t do this then do something else and come back to your books when you feel that you can concentrate on your work.

Advise from Ms. Julie Payette, Canadian Astronaut and Engineer

What advice do you have for students?

It’s about finding yourself a goal, something you like to do. The only thing you shouldn’t do is do nothing. But find what you are good at and what your interests are, and then you have to put effort. There’s nothing free in this world. So you have to prepare yourself. If you want to be a first violinist in an orchestra, you’ll have to work hard. But if that is your goal, then you have to go for it. You have to set your dreams high and then work hard to achieve them. And the good news about it is that effort does pay. By putting your mind to it, by working hard, by never giving up even when it feels hard and that you don’t see necessarily success right away, don’t give up because everything is possible with a bit of effort. Even the Earth can be at your feet.

If you want to become an Engineer you will need to know how to study and how to study effectively.

Good Luck!!